Please do not come in if you:
Have or think you might have symptoms of corona virus, (I’m sure you know them by now!) ie. temperature, fever, tiredness, diarrhoea, a rash, a dry cough and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Are currently self-isolating, or have tested positive for Corona Virus, Covid 19) or

Live or work with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for the virus. Please self-isolate for 14 days before contacting the practice.

In the clinic we are taking a number of measures to limit the risk of cross-infection, so that we can welcome you back as safely as possible. So, your visit to the osteopath may appear different to previous sessions and we’d like to give you some idea as to how the new regime may work.
Due to the inability to socially distance whilst having osteopathic treatment, if you would feel more at ease then please feel free to wear your own mask and gloves when you come in.

If you haven’t been to Back to Health before, for your safety, to reduce the time spent in clinic you will be offered a remote, in depth consultation, either on the phone, or preferably on Whatsapp, which will last about half an hour. There will be a £20.00 charge for this , payable by bank transfer.

If you’ve been before, you will still be asked questions to determine whether you need to come in or not.

•  When you need to come in for treatment, we would ask if you can please go to the toilet at home before you leave.
•  Please only bring in with you the minimum amount of personal possessions needed for your visit.
•  Please arrive on time and try to avoid being very early to reduce the chance of you meeting another person. The appointment times are staggered by fifteen minutes to allow for cleaning.
•  On arrival, you will be greeted by Mark wearing a mask, gloves and an apron. He will sanitize your hands.
•  In the treatment room you will be asked to put your possessions in a crate.
•  I will then administer osteopathic treatment whilst wearing PPE including gloves, face mask and an apron. Please note that one cannot keep to social distancing recommendations for this treatment.
•  Payment will be either by contactless or bank transfer (preferably not cash please).
•  When you leave, Mark will sanitize your hands again.
•  The treatment room will be cleaned, disinfected and aired between patients (treatment rooms will be used alternately to allow time for exchanges of air to take place in each room).

Feel free to contact me for more information. 01162826142

Initial Consultation:

The first visit will last between 45 minutes and 1hour and will involve a detailed discussion about your symptoms, how they started, what makes them worse, what relieves the symptoms and any treatment already received.

You will be asked about your general well-being and past health including any history of operations, accidents and other treatment you are receiving such as medication. This helps us ascertain the cause of your symptoms and begins to help us determine whether osteopathic techniques are the best form of treatment for you.

The first visit would normally then move on to a physical examination. Each part of the examination will only be carried out with your prior agreement and at your request can be stopped at any time.

The precise nature of the osteopathic examination is largely influenced by the verbal part of the consultation. Mark appreciates that the physical examination can be an uneasy experience for people and aims to make it as comfortable as possible. Generally the examination is performed with the patient removing the minimum of clothes that is practically possible. It is helpful if the person is willing to change into shorts or leggings and/or a vest top. We can supply a disposable gown if this is preferred. To provide further re- assurance we are happy for you to bring a friend or family member to act as a chaperone.

Very often the practitioner may wish to examine a seemingly unrelated area of the body relative to the symptomatic region, so for example, the foot can affect a person’s knee or hip. The upper back can affect both the neck and low back.

Throughout the consultation and any treatments Mark wants the patient to say if they want to stop, or if they feel uncomfortable.

Once the posture and movements have been checked, the osteopath would want to assess the nature of the tissues using trained, highly attuned sense of touch.

As well as information from your posture, movement and palpation, the practitioner may want to perform other tests, such as checking your reflexes and taking your blood pressure. We might also want to communicate with your doctor but this would only be done with your permission.

Once we have decided what is causing your symptoms, the practitioner will discuss the diagnosis and whether osteopathic treatment can help. If we conclude that osteopathic treatment can assist and you are agreeable we will proceed with treatment. In the vast majority of cases treatment is included in the first visit but very occasionally, if the person has a very complex past medical history, it may leave no time for treatment but this is very rare.


Osteopath practitioner in Leicester – What to expect